Tuesday, 6 December 2011

RAM NATH BISWAS, the globe trotter

I didnot know that sh. Ramnath Bhattacharya is equally concerned with correct plotting of the Familt Tree. He belongs to 16 th generation in the Family Tree .He is a poet with many publications.He now stays at Mumbai with his family.His son Shyamashis has launched a foundation named "Ramanath Foundation" for research study on literary activities including life and works of Padmanath Saraswati and Ramnath Biswas who are the illustrious sons of Baniachang. Padmanath Saraswati belongs to 15 th and Ramnath Biswas 16 th generation in the Family Tree.

from left to right:
RAMNATH BISWAS(1884 - 1955), the globe trotter with his bicycle,
his residence in Baniachang village, his travelogue , congratulations from Tagore. He travelled on bicycle most parts of Asia, Europe, Africa, America and was a household name in the then Bengal. He was called bhoo-paryatak Ramnath.



  1. Heard that he was my Grandmother's Uncle (Jethu)..Her name was Sharojbhashini..

    1. you know he is also in my family tree. I guess you are related to me somehow.

  2. Ramnath Biswas was my Grandfather's younger brother.

  3. Ramnath Biswas was our relative too, and we hail from Baniachong Sylhet. My grandfather's name is Sh. Niranjan Biswas.

  4. He was my grandfather. I kept some unpublished documents that may enable to republished story

  5. hi, looking to buy his travelogues. please guide me with contact details of publisher/ retailer/ e-tailer from whom I could buy them